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Holistic Healing


Hi, I'm Sharon and I'm a health and wellness practitioner. 


I provide women like you with health and wellbeing solutions to help you to find your mojo! To feel uplifted mentally and emotionally, feel energised and feel more able to deal with the challenges of your modern-day life.


This is achieved by using a series of powerful techniques based around proven therapies including reiki, reflexology and meditations. These treatments have the remarkable ability to increase your energy levels, relax you mentally and physically and help you with mental clarity.


I work with individuals, organisations and groups online or in-person offering:-

  • 1-2-1 treatments

  • Workplace Wellness Programmes 

  • Relaxation treatment sessions for charities and community groups

  • Workshops and courses which focus on self-care and wellbeing

Treatments and workshops can be booked as one-off sessions or a package of sessions​



Telephone: 07751 942234 

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