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Socially Shared Member Suneta Bagri
Cultivate Coaching and Consultancy

Coaching and Networking for Teachers


Suneta Bagri is on a mission to help teachers and senior leaders in education to lead fulfilling lives and encourage a positive mindset. Helping teachers to navigate their way to a mindful lifestyle is something she is incredibly passionate about. 


In this overwhelming arena, it can be difficult to manage your mental, physical, and emotional health. As an award-winning consultant, speaker, and headteacher, with over twenty years’ experience, Suneta can offer a specialised coaching model that relates to personal and professional performance.


Education is a gift, and to be able to support teachers with their personal development and professional growth motivates Suneta to positively impact future generations. With her guidance, teachers can take control of their wellbeing, look after themselves, and be truly effective in the classroom, leading to successful outcomes and positive achievements for the children they teach. 


Working with Suneta, you will be supported by an outstanding teacher with extensive knowledge and experience who considers your wellbeing and professional development to be of paramount importance.  


Whether you are an individual or a school, she can provide a safe and confidential space to grow.


Address: Based in Coventry


Telephone:  07885 216315 


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