In The Know

In the know... No two Socially Shared network meetings are the same, even when the topics being covered are identical. Often through our conversations those who attend share their own knowledge of the subject with us, their very own pearls of wisdom. These pearls of wisdom can be invaluable and extremely useful and so this, our 'In The Know' page has been created, so that we can share them with you all across the network.

Flipboard - Like Pinterest with boards, but for blog posts.

Thanks to Shelley Wilson, Hillfield Publishing

Manage Flitter

Provides users with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter.

Thanks to Author and Blogger Shelley Wilson 


Stock Snap

A free tool to source stock images great for using with social media posts.

Thanks to Author and Blogger Shelley Wilson


Hyperlapse - an Instagram app that allows you to create time-lapse videos up to twelve times faster than normal shooting. 

Thanks to Sarah from Stemsations

Giphy - a website which has a search function, creator tool and gallery for Gifs.

Thanks to Abbi from New Directions

Quill Engage

A free tool that takes Google Analytics and converts them to a more friendly report that is clear and easier to understand. 

Thanks to Sarah Sarkies from Mulberry Design


Jetpack-WordPress plugin.

A plugin created for WordPress websites that helps manage analytics, create content and protect against data loss as well as hacking. 

Thanks to Sarah Sarkies from Mulberry Design


Watermark - tool for protecting your visual property.

Thanks to Christine Cooper from Unique Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos.

Prisma Art App - tool for making images into art.

Thanks to Wendy Kay from Kitty Kay Make & Sew.

Ripl - tool for custom animated posts for social media

Thanks to Sarah McCormack from Stemsations.


Print advertising tip

When placing your advert in a local magazine or newspaper, ask for the right hand corner on pages 3, 5 or 7. These are the hot spots!

Thanks to Christine Cooper from Unique Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos


Advertising tip

"The more they see it - the more they trust it!"
Top tip about the benefits to regularly advertising.

Thanks to Christine Cooper from Unique Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos


Trello - Tool for staying organised.

Thanks to Kate Keene Piece of Cake Marketing.

Vanilla Pen - tool for personalising images with logos and quotes.

Thanks to Louise Barnacle.

DV Prompt - tool for vlogging
Thanks to Michelle Lewis.


An online local professional service finder.

Thanks to Rebecca Jones

from Glory Design


People Per Hour

Advertise jobs and find a freelancer suited to your needs. 

Thanks to Karen Heap from Orchard Business Development