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LK Eco Style 

Eco-Friendly Clothing


The core mission for LK Eco Style is to provide eco-friendly clothing for adults and children with mindfulness and a positive mindset at its heart.

Influenced with the earth in mind, we’ve created a range that aims to save our planet one t-shirt at a time, working with ethical brands to bring you a collection of clothing that inspires and motivates.


Customers are becoming more discerning when it comes to the choices they make and the products they buy, opting for fair trade, vegan, and organic merchandise that’s affordable without harming the environment. As parent’s, we want to shape the future for our families, and moving towards sustainable materials is one way to make a difference.

Our eco-friendly clothing range reflects the brand’s ethos of producing stylish fashion while caring for our planet and supporting charities and local businesses.

All packaging used is also recyclable.


Address: Warwickshire, United Kingdom


Telephone: 01926 754076


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