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Get Your Business in Shape in 2017...

The new year is often a time for thinking about the future, setting new goals and planning ahead and this often involves losing a pound or two after over indulging in the Christmas festivities and getting yourself in shape. So why not also apply this thinking to your business?

There are many ways to get your business in shape, you can ask your accountant to conduct a financial review, employ the services of a business development consultant or coach for planning or you could look to enhance your own knowledge and make changes yourself. Training courses and workshops can however be costly and take you away from your business for long periods of time, but of course there is another alternative... you could come along and join our business support network for women. Socially Shared is so much more than a networking group, it is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge of business and to acquire new tools and techniques that can really help you to improve your business! Each session includes a mini workshop and all of the topics we cover are chosen by the women who attend. Topics range from finance, marketing and branding to networking, social media and planning and almost everything in between.

The information that is shared across the group is also invaluable, as you can also learn and benefit from other people's experiences and this compliments that handouts that are provided to everyone that attend a Socially Shared session perfectly. To see some of the 'pearls of wisdom' shared by ladies at our meetings, you can visit the 'In The Know' section of the website, which is regularly updated.

Of course members benefit from a wealth of additional benefits and resources, with an exclusive members only resources area on the website, additional free networking events and discounts too. At only £99 a year, it really does offer excellent value for money.

To find out more about becoming a member of Socially Shared you can visit the membership page on our website or contact Christine, who would be very happy to have a chat about how membership can help you and your business. christine@sociallyshared.co.uk

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