Sparkle & Shine this Christmas

It’ s that time of year again when shops begin to set up their seasonal windows and, as befits the season of the Christmas party, there ’ s plenty of glamour and sparkle, and it’ s not just on the baubles! I don 't know about you, but I always used to worry about what others would be wearing to an event. I worried whether or not I would be dressed appropriately. Would I be over-dressed? Or would I not be formal enough? Do you find yourself wanting to shine at your Christmas events yet safely reaching for the trusty LBD (Little Black Dress) again? To help you avoid those worries, here are a few tips on how to select the best of the season ’ s party wear to ensure you look more Christmas angel than Christmas tree! For you to be confident in your choices. There is a wonderful array of colour on the high street with something to suit everyone, so you have no excuse to reach for the black! If you just can ’t tear yourself away from your trusty black, however, I have tips on how to make the LBD work for you!

Metallic is big again this winter and you can find it in tops and dresses through to accessories. Your best metallic will depend on your skin tone; silver, steel and gunmetal are perfect for those with cooler skin tones. For the rest of us, bronze and golds work best. If in doubt, wear pewter as it suits us all. Be careful not to overdo it though, keep the sparkle to one item ie: the dress/top or the accessories. To balance your look with the metallic, keep a natural make-up look. Purple is a fabulous party colour. It looks good on everyone, is fun and shows your creative side. You can find it this season in a variety of rich tones from soft lavender to deep purple. Not to mention the most luxurious of fabrics such as velvet. If you have an overall light & delicate look, a light shade of purple will work best for you. A deep purple will work well for those with dark hair and dark eyes. For those with warm, reddish tones, purple will work fantastically with glitzy pewter accessories. Plum shades of purple compliment those with cool skin tones, grey or white hair; be sure to contrast this with a lighter brighter colour for best effect. If you have dark hair and bright, clear eyes, team your purple with a bright colour, perhaps red, silver or gold as this contrast will enhance the twinkle in your eyes! For an overall softer look, try adding a neutral coloured scarf to a purple top or dress which will soften the purple and blend with your naturally soft features.

The shops are full of jewel bright dresses, jumpsuits and tops including bold blues, greens and reds. So if you love to wear bright colours, this is definitely the season to go for it! One such gem is Emerald Green, which will suit us all. We often associate green as a form of workplace camouflage, but with it’ s seasonal twist, green is one of the most versatile and funky colours. If black is your favoured choice, it can be very classy. However, there are some basic guidelines to help even the simplest little black dress look stunning; A key factor of how black will work is the fabric. Wool crepe makes a great business suit but will look flat at a party. Soft silk or satin will add sparkle as the light plays across the fabric flattering its fall and flow. Chiffon delicately embroidered with metallic silver or gold will shimmer against the black . Lace lets the skin peek through, giving a flirtatious touch to an outfit and softening the effect of black. Accessorising is a must to give your outfit interest & personality. Wisely chosen jewellery will give the perfect finishing touch. This is where you can break all the rules! If you love chunky jewellery, go for it. If delicate is more your thing, you will find there is no shortage of choice this season!

And finally, it is worth investing in a ‘ going out coat’. How often have you dressed up to the nines only to spoil the look by having to wear your boring work coat or shiver your way to the event in a flimsy wrap? Spend time, and a little money, to find a stylish coat in a neutral colour and simple shape that will take you, warm and sophisticatedly, from party to party for years to come.

Whether you venture into colour or play it safe with black, this season ’ s party wear is chic yet fun so you can ’t fail to shimmer with elegance. Keeping the look simple with only one item of opulence will ensure you are not in danger of looking like a Christmas decoration!

Most importantly of course, be comfortable & enjoy!

Sarah Gray, Sarah Gray Image

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