Your Profile, Your Story: Meet Workshop Host, Karen Ramsay-Smith.

We are delighted to share an interview with our Your Profile, Your Story workshop host, Karen Ramsay-Smith ahead of her sessions on 16th (Rugby) and 18th (Solihull) January 2018.

Karen is CEO of Bigger Picture Coaching, a marketing strategist, and an empowerment and visibility coach. She helps women to be their best selves in life and career.

Q1. Can you tell us a little about you and your business?

I am a proud mum of an 18-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter, together with my partner Darran we live in Ryton on Dunsmore where I run my business from home Bigger Picture Coaching. I have almost 25 years marketing and communications experience and have enjoyed a successful career working in both the public and private sectors. I have always been passionate about communication and connection and my work brought me plenty of opportunities to live my passions through marketing and campaign strategy and projects. After suffering a period of emotional overwhelm and seeking my own coaching and support to help me step into the real me, I stepped into my true purpose at the beginning of last year, changing my whole life and career to become a coach myself supporting women to become more visible in their lives and businesses as their true selves.

Q2. Why is it so important to update your bio on our website/social media platforms?

Anyone who wants to get to know you professionally wants to know you personally in some way. They will want to know you, to like you and to trust you before they buy from you. Keeping the information about you and your business up to date and relevant is key to the buying process. Up to date profiles are absolutely essential in today's crowded and competitive online world. Whether you are just trying to get more exposure online to increase your visibility, aiming to connect more with your followers, or working to claim leadership in your area of expertise, updating your online presence is a priority.

For social media profiles think about account names and usernames - do these reflect what you are trying to say for example?

Think carefully about your profile pictures - don't keep changing them keep it consistent and reflective of you and your business. Ensure you fill out your biography to its fullest potential. Work out how to keep a consistent message with a limited amount of characters and the more lengthy bios on some platforms by sharing only the very best of you and your brand.

Q3. What are the key points to remember when writing your profile/story?

Using some of your own journey and storytelling on your social media channels can be a very powerful influencing tool for building relationships and converting potential customers. Sharing your own background, your interests and some of your own journey to becoming a business owner is going to not only attract new customers to you but will attract the right customers to you. Stories are how we connect with the world around us and are the basis of us making connections with others. There are some key things to think about here;

Share your passion and interests - people want to know the real you, what you get up for in the morning. WHY you do what you do not just what you do and how much it is.

Be brave enough to be a little vulnerable - sharing your honest story can really help and support and encourage others to come forward and make connections with you and what you can offer so help others to help yourself. Taking customers on a journey and showing them the way to buying with you is a powerful way of selling your services.

Break the norm by sharing your truth - Sharing your truth in your message can be both challenging and empowering as yours will be completely unique but is so rewarding for yourself and the connections you will make as a result.

Put yourself in their shoes - this isn't about you it's about you understanding your customers’ journey too - their starting point right through to the point they want to buy from you.

Speak to them as they would like to be spoken to - using the right tone of voice is key to connecting with your ideal customer and often makes or breaks a potential connection.

Q4. How important is it to be your authentic self with your business brand?

Using online channels reinforces the legitimacy of your business and provides a fantastic platform for you to showcase your brand’s unique personality. If this is not done authentically this can cause a huge disconnect with your customers. The primary reason to be authentically yourself in your marketing is TRUST. Without trust, you cannot convert potential customers to buying customers. You can do this by sharing the business journey, showing the real you behind your brand and reaching out and engaging as YOU.

If you enjoyed this interview and want to learn more you can join Karen at our Rugby session on the 16th January or in Solihull on the 18th January.

For more information about Bigger Picture Coaching follow Karen on Twitter, Facebook, or check out her website.

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