It’s Good to Share

At this time of year, you can’t help but get swept up by the theme of love. There are pink hearts, teddy bears, and roses everywhere you look. So, how can you embrace the giddy and romantic month of February for the good of your business?

We’re not suggesting you take all your clients out for a romantic dinner, or for long walks down the beach. Of course, if you run a restaurant or a fitness business then this might be exactly what you need to do! What we do suggest is that you take a moment and work out how to share the love you have for your business and network.

If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas then why not try our list:

Sharing with a Hashtag: At our monthly network meetings, we talk about using the Socially Shared hashtag on Twitter (#sociallyshared). When you share anything related to your business, be it a blog post, special offer, open day, or product launch be sure to add the hashtag. By including this, you’re reaching a much wider audience and engaging with like-minded women and businesses.

Sharing using the 80/20 Rule: There’s an unspoken etiquette on every social media platform, such as following the 80/20 sharing rule. Nobody wants to follow and engage with a company or individual who only shares content about themselves. It doesn’t matter how exciting the news, or how interesting the subject matter, we all need to know that the person we are buying from supports their community in return.

Share 80% of content from other people related to your industry/topic and then mix this with 20% about your own company. The 80/20 rule is a powerful tool for increasing your engagement on social media. Try it and see how sharing this way benefits your business.

Sharing Information: Just because you know about a certain topic, event or group doesn’t mean others do. Sharing information is the backbone of any networking group. At Socially Shared we thrive on listening to experts in their field as they help us with a variety of topics. Using Facebook and Twitter, it’s never been so easy to share information about upcoming groups and events. Try it out for yourself and share some of the Socially Shared events listed on our Facebook page.

Following this theme, we would like to introduce Friendship February where we encourage you to share information about Socially Shared Business Support Network with your friends and to bring them along to one of our February workshops. Entry to a session usually costs £8.50, but in February if you bring along a friend to experience Socially Shared for the first time you can both attend for only £10, that’s only £5 each!

Attending our workshops is the ideal time to meet and mingle with women from all industries and backgrounds. Sharing contacts with one another opens up your community for the good of your business. Even if you meet someone whose services you may never use, think about your own network of contacts and friends, and we’re pretty sure you’ll know someone who would be a perfect fit.

Action Plan for February:

  • Share your tweets with the rest of the community by adding #SociallyShared to your posts.

  • Share 80% content (blog posts, Facebook status, and Twitter posts) from your connections and mix this up with 20% of your own links and status updates.

  • Share the Socially Shared workshops with your community.

  • Bring a friend to one of our February workshops and both attend for only £10.

  • Think about your contacts and who you can share their details with among your networking community.

We hope you’re feeling passionate about your business and networking community this month and look forward to seeing you, and your friends at one of our February events.

Remember – it’s good to share!