Celebrate With Socially Shared!

March is a special month here at Socially Shared as we celebrate our third birthday. From humble beginnings, we now hold five sessions every month in Kenilworth, Solihull, Stratford, Coventry, and Rugby. Our membership continues to grow as we welcome more lovely ladies to share their business successes.

However, this network wouldn’t be where it is without the dedication and passion of the Socially Shared team, so when Karen asked me to write a birthday bonanza post, I knew exactly who to call on for help.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Socially Shared Business Support Network.

Thank you, Karen, Becky, Maxine, and Christine for everything you do.

Here are a few messages from your members to help you celebrate…

"For me, Socially Shared is perfect for new business owners. It’s based on warmth, genuine connection and support which is no surprise when you get to know the lovely team behind it because it embodies them and their approach. It helped me realise I don’t dislike networking, I just dislike bad networking groups!" Jacqui Jagger, Beyond Boundaries Coaching.

"I just love this group, it is the best networking group I have ever been to and the events get better and better. We have a great laugh but equally there is serious business support. Karen, Becky, Christine and Maxine work so hard and genuinely care about every single member, they are consummate professionals. To quote Simon Cowell “I love you lot because you are so humble and don’t realise how good you are!” Thank you ladies and long may it continue." Tracey Rickard, Tracey Rickard Web Design.

"However I am feeling when I enter a Socially Shared Network meeting, Karen and Becky have a huge smile on their faces and a big hug. They transform my day on every occasion. Love and thanks to them." Anne Rogers, Virtual PA

"I have been a member of Socially Shared for around 8 months. It was the first offline network I joined and have connected extremely well with as the ladies are all so welcoming and friendly. Socially shared has given me a supportive space in which to be involved with a local network of amazing and inspiring women who have a genuine connection with each other. The community helps me to take some time away from my online world and mix with like-minded ladies. I am very grateful that I found socially shared in the infancy of my business." Karen Ramsay-Smith, Bigger Picture Coaching.

"My first experience of Socially Shared was the fabulous conference last year, which delivered a perfect blend of business and personal development in a friendly, supportive environment. For me, it's this winning formula that sets Socially Shared apart from other networking groups and it's why I recently became a member. It's also why I tell everyone I meet to come along and see for themselves!" Geraldine Jones, Every Word Counts.

"Socially Shared has opened up a network of friends and events. Welcoming, inclusive and supportive the very essence of those that set up and run this fabulous group. I always look forward to your events and come away inspired and on a positive high. Thank you, you special ladies." Diane Wilson, Afynebalance.

"Socially Shared provides me with a regular dose of inspiration. Meeting so many talented, fabulous women is truly wonderful. It has been an honour getting to know Karen, Becky & Christine. To be asked to be involved in the very first Just About event was very special. Christine and I have even learnt to use jump leads! What more could a girl ask for!!" Sarah Gray, Sarah Gray Image.

"It is hard to put into a few words what Socially Shared has done for our business.

From day one they have supported us in so many ways. We have a fantastic relationship, where we share our most candid thoughts about how we can continue to grow our businesses.

They were instrumental in helping to create the Covhour Live events.

They have helped us to overcome our dislike of networking.

They have pushed us to overcome our fears and barriers.

They have believed in us.

They have referred clients to us.

They have made us part of their team.

They have listened to and supported our ideas.

They have laughed and cried with us.

I could go on... but instead I will stop and say Thank You and a very Happy 3rd Birthday." Kate Keene & Emma Kavanagh, Piece of Cake Marketing.

"When I was setting up the Amethyst Centre, I benefited hugely from the practical support given to me by Karen and the Socially Shared network. Some networking organisations are very airy-fairy - when they say "support" they mean "oh we know who you are now we'll add your name to our list" and that's about it. Socially Shared, because it gives you business development sessions as well as networking, gives you a different dimension to the support you get. And throughout the last 3 years, they've been there cheering me on whatever hare-brained scheme I've come up with!" Chris Ramsbottom, The Amethyst Centre.

"Socially Shared - what a wonderful group. I have met some really nice, genuine people, and have made some lovely friends. I was not very confident when I went to my first meeting, but with guidance, support and a nice relaxed atmosphere I have become happier about being myself and not hiding behind my pictures.

Becky and Karen are very welcoming, helpful and generous in their friendship and knowledge. Always with a smile and sharing much needed advice. I think the work that they do, and are constantly planning to do, is very important for a lot of people and I cannot thank them enough for the support they have given to me.

Christine is a little ray of sunshine who has become my friend. She is a very supportive person who has helped me to become more confident at networking. She stayed by my side in the early stages and is very giving with advice and is passionate in helping people to succeed.

Maxine is a lovely lady who I know is very much needed by the team, and keeps the cogs moving, I hope to get to know her more in time. Phaedra Elson, Pipistrelle Art.

There’s such a warm vibe within this group and I feel proud to be associated with such a fab talented group of ladies. I’ve learned a lot and gained a lot from being in this group.

Leaving behind my strong team in the corporate world and entering the potentially isolated world of self-employment was always going to challenge for me but thanks to Karen, Becky, Christine and Maxine, and all the lovely Socially Shared ladies I’ve never once felt lonely.

So in summary - to me Socially Shared is more than just a network group, it’s a team." Stephanie Rix, Life’s Work Consulting.

"Socially Shared:

Self-improvement is about living the life that you aspire to and deserve.

Self-improvement is also about knowing that you deserve the best that life has to offer.

Socially Shared has helped many members and non-members to become more confident and self-aware of their unique gifts and potential.

As we grow individually and collectively we refine our hopes dreams and aspirations for now and the future.

So thank you Socially shared Team for your love nurturing and support." Dot Crowe, Cleves Garden Studio.

"I’m not sure there’s anything else I can add to that as the members have said it all. The Socially Shared team are delightful to work with, inspiring to be around, and bring out the very best in everyone they meet. I’m honoured to be part of their growing family and wish Karen, Becky, Maxine, and Christine many more birthdays to come." Shelley Wilson, Resident Socially Shared Blogger.

Want to become part of a caring, sharing networking community? Pop along to one of our sessions and meet the team in person, or grab a ticket for our Women in Business Conference on the 16th May 2018. You’ll always receive a warm welcome.

Now, all that’s left to say is ‘pass the cake!’