Investing In Your Business with Socially Shared

Small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2017, and 99.9% were small or medium-sized (SMEs)* just like the ones run by the ladies attending the Socially Shared Business Support Network.

It’s a great time to be a woman in business, as well as a small business owner and investing in the growth and development of your business is vital.

Here at the Socially Shared Business Support Network, our team are dedicated to helping you on that journey via the monthly sessions, our Women in Business Conference, the Micro Business Show, and our other events. By being part of the network, you are arming yourself with the necessary tools to thrive.

When you run a small business it can become all-consuming, you are everything to everyone, and it’s up to you to manage the sales and marketing, finance, stock control, budgets, social media, and everything else. Investing in yourself is just as important as devoting time to your business, and that’s where we believe Socially Shared offers you something different.

Here are our favourite reasons for investing in your business with Socially Shared:

Building Confidence

As part of our membership program, you are invited to host a session at two of our monthly groups. Standing up in front of a room full of people may fill you with dread, but being a part of this community allows you a safe space to practice speaking and delivering talks. Many of our members have grown in confidence and now run regular workshops to benefit their business.

Not Just a Network

A polite chat over a cup of coffee and a few minutes to exchange business cards is fairly standard at networking groups across the country, but the Socially Shared community invites a deeper connection. Many valuable friendships have developed between the ladies who attend our groups, and they all say the same thing. ‘It’s not just a network; it’s more like a family.’

Valuable Support

The support and engagement you find at our sessions doesn’t end at 12.30pm. Our team are on hand to offer one to one mentoring where needed as well as maintaining an active presence on social media.


There are hundreds of stories in the Socially Shared network where our ladies have worked together on events and projects. People buy from people, and by attending our sessions and being actively involved in the network, you become the face and name that people seek out when they need to buy a product or service or want to work with someone they trust.


We all understand the power of positivity, but at Socially Shared we also appreciate that who you surround yourself with has a positive impact on you and your business. Our sessions are always upbeat, fun, and insightful – the perfect ingredients for a business owner who wants to thrive.

To get even more out of the Socially Shared networking group we offer a competitive membership offer of £99 a year which includes a range of benefits for you and your business. To find out how you can invest in your business and join our ever-growing network click on the ‘Join Now’ button -

*source: Office for National Statistics.

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