Small Business, Stress, and Santa!

As women, we already possess the superhuman ability to multi-task like our lives depend upon it. However, in the run up to the festive season, we somehow manage to find a little extra in the energy and capability banks.

The Christmas adverts began before the Halloween sweets were eaten and no doubt we all launched into the small business, stress, and Santa zone. This means that we not only have to run, market, and maintain our small businesses over the holiday season, but we also have to deal with the stress of shopping, socialising, and family relationships, together with the excitement of Santa’s visit.

Is there a way to cope? I’m glad you asked. Here are four top tips for keeping everything ticking over in your small business without missing out on the fun and delights of the build up to Christmas:

Be Flexible: If you are office based then think about the times you could work from home to cut down on travel time and free up vital hours to tick a few seasonal tasks off your to-do list. If you have staff, then see if you can offer them the same and boost office moral at the same time.

Be Honest: Think about this from a customer’s point of view – if you know a business is closed or on reduced hours then it helps you to plan. Offer your clients the same consideration. If you have young children and will be swamped with nativity plays and various school events then be honest about it. Working 9-5 might not be practical at this time of year, so it’s vital to retain good customer relations by making sure everyone knows when you’re available.

Be Prepared: We’re not just talking about getting your turkey order in on time! If you sell products be sure you have enough stock to see you through December and into the New Year. Postal services will be under pressure, and you don’t want to be reliant on other people. From a social media perspective start to automate your Facebook posts, festive Tweets, and blog posts. Having a Christmas campaign scheduled in plenty of time will take the stress out of this for you and free you up to enjoy a glass or two of eggnog.

Celebrate: Don’t get too wrapped up (pun intended!) in the worry of leaving your business alone for a few days. The entire world will be on shut down and won’t even notice that you’ve taken time off – unless you’re Santa! Be sure to celebrate your successes too. What have you achieved in your business this year? What do you want to do next year? Use this time to think about the plans you have, the exciting opportunities you will embrace, and all the amazing people you’ll meet at Socially Shared Business Support in the New Year.

Being organised, scheduling your social media, and planning ahead will ensure you are ready for the Christmas period stress free. Be sure to add any festive events you are running in the Socially Shared Events Calendar (see website for details).

Let’s finish with a question. Do you have a top tip to add to those above that highlights a way we could prepare for the festive break while running a small business? Share it over on our Facebook page.

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