What’s your superpower?

As a business owner do you feel a need to be good at everything? Finances, admin, marketing, strategy… the list goes on. There are usually a number of reasons for this, but typically it’s to keep costs down and keep control. It would be true to say that many business owners spend a lot of time trying to strengthen their weaknesses instead of focusing on sharpening their strengths.

Have you ever wondered why one person can use a particular strategy in their business and achieve great results, whilst others may use the same approach but get mediocre results or even find it challenging?

If having a superpower is the key to making the difference in business, then the magic question is: what’s yours? If you’re not sure what it is, don’t worry as it can easily be discovered.

Knowing and using your superpowers will help shape your business. The quicker you can unlock your strengths and then play to them, the greater the impact will be on your business and the happier you will be as a result!

Here are three steps we suggest to help you discover and nurture your superpower in your business:

1) Discover your superpowers – What comes naturally to you? What doesn’t feel like work? It’s often the thing that comes so naturally that you don’t even realise what it is. You may not be valuing it, because you assume that it’s something everyone can do. Think about when people pass comments or compliments on certain skills and you reply by saying, “Oh, that’s nothing/easy”; that will probably be one of your superpowers. Typically speaking this is the stuff that you enjoy doing and that gives you energy. You could do several hours of the same activity and you wouldn’t get bored. If you’re still struggling with working it out, then ask a friend or a colleague what they think your superpower is. They’ll probably be able to answer this for you instantly!

2) Delegate your weak areas – As business owners, we know this isn’t always possible. However, when there is an opportunity to develop and invest in your business, looking for a person who’s solid in an area that drains your energy or who enjoys doing a task that you’re less passionate about will free up your time to focus on building your strengths instead. You will find that this small investment now will pay great dividends further down the line. You’ll also find that you’ll be much happier doing the things you enjoy and that give you energy and spending less time doing the things you may have been avoiding.

3) Cultivate your superpower – Once you’ve discovered your superpowers you can start to explore how they can make a difference to both your business and your life. Investigate how they can make a difference to your inner drivers, qualities and passions. Now that you’ve got a glimpse of your superpowers, make a commitment to developing your natural abilities through study, discipline and practice. Find a mentor, take classes, get a coach, stay on top of what’s happening in your field, and stretch yourself. Like any skill, superpowers need to be exercised regularly so that they don’t become less effective.

Intrigued about finding out more about what your superpower is? CM Talent will help you find out more about how to identify and tap into your individual superpowers, come along to our Socially Shared events being held in the New Year. We will be sharing our knowledge on the 25th January 2019 in South Birmingham and 14th February 2019 in Solihull.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. An inspiring quote by Albert Einstein

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