Sharing the love for Small Businesses

If you googled ‘support for small businesses’ you would be greeted with a plethora of pages advertising start up loans, credit cards, government incentives, and forums. While all of these things may be necessary to your success, it might not be the support you were looking or hoping for.

As a women’s networking group we provide a platform for female entrepreneurs to meet like-minded people, discuss any concerns or issues, find relevant advice, collaborate, and treasure the fun times while working on and in your business.

Being a small business, whether that means a one-woman band or a small team, means that we have to work extra hard to ensure our clients know how to find us, what we can do for them once they do, and hopefully build a lasting relationship.

Think about the local independent stores you love. What draws you back to them? Who do you outsource any necessary products or services to – is it another small business or a large faceless corporation? There’s a reason we love to work with small businesses, and that’s because we appreciate and resonate with the long hours they put in, we understand the big smile that’s hiding their unspoken worries, and we get that every task, decision, and fear falls in their lap.

As small business owners, it’s imperative that we support one another wherever possible. Social media makes this possible with the click of a button. Sharing another’s business post on Facebook, or retweeting a promotion on Twitter can help spread the word. Although it’s never expected, we all find it easy to reciprocate when another business has shared your work, product, or service.

It’s not difficult to share the love for a small business, even if that company has no real links to you. For example, if you have grown up children, you might not feel drawn to share a company making and selling baby clothes. However, if you think about the spider web effect our social platforms have then no doubt someone, somewhere will have a new mother in their network who would welcome such a post.

Can you honestly say that you know what every friend on Facebook does for a living? Do you know what their interests are? The answer is no; it’s impossible to find out because we’ve all accumulated hundreds of links across various platforms. By sharing a small business post about business development, illustration, floristry, venue hire, PR, VA, or website design you are possibly helping your connections find someone they may be looking for. We all trust our friend’s judgement when it comes to recommendations.

We’ve heard amazing stories about the collaborations between Socially Shared members and ladies who attend the sessions. There have also been countless recommendations within the groups as well as further afield.

Sharing the love of a small business doesn’t have to be all about online promotion either. There are so many ways you can help your fellow small business owner, and we’ve listed a few here:

  • Buy from solo entrepreneurs who create amazing products (stock up on birthday and Christmas presents ahead of time).

  • Hold parties for your friends and invite small businesses to share their wares (cards, home gifts, art, baked goods, pottery, make overs and therapies, etc).

  • Aim to recommend a minimum of five small businesses per week to the people you have in your social network (online or face-to-face).

  • Leave testimonials or reviews on their Facebook business page, or email them directly so they can use your feedback in their marketing.

  • Read the books written by the incredible local authors we have listed in the Socially Shared Book Shop (and don’t forget to review their books on Amazon or Goodreads).

  • Join in with the variety of workshops and seminars run by other small business owners, or recommend these events to others who would find them useful.

Can you think of any other ways to share the love for small businesses? Join us on our Facebook page and share your top tips and recommendations.

Here at Socially Shared, our team actively support, promote, and cheerlead for all the ladies who join our sessions as well as those who sign up for our membership. We are passionate about singing the praises of every single one of you across our seven platforms.

If you haven’t been to a Socially Shared session in a while, then pop a date in your diary and come along to support your fellow small business owner, and have them support you in return. You’ll find all our sessions listed on the event calendar.

Let’s all share the love for small businesses this month.