Boost Your Energy!

As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coach, I’m committed to helping women build resilience with ‘holistic wellbeing’. Together, we pay attention to how key elements in the external environment can support- or undermine– our whole health. I’ve developed a model which brings together these elements into key principles – which I call our ‘femergy’ - which I’d like to share with you here.


How we eat matters! Food IS medicine and making better food choices gives us the quickest win for better health.


While our food gives us the quickest win, movement is medicine too. We were born to move, we have evolved to move, but we have created an internal lifestyle and environment in which it is difficult for us to move.


Getting great sleep starts when we wake up! We need to eat well during the day to have sufficient energy stores to sleep well. Our body needs to store sufficient energy during the day in order to carry out its vital night-time repair processes.


Stress is a killer and stress and poor sleep are toxic bedfellows. Each plays off the other in a dance which choreographs every single cell in our body beyond its ability to cope, leaving us overwhelmed, exhausted and on the way to chronic ill-health.


The effect of psychological stress on health, illness and on our energy levels has attracted much attention in recent years, with studies suggesting that stress affects health directly.


For every animal, its nest is its place of safety. We humans may be right at the very top of the evolutionary tree, but that doesn’t make us any less an animal, or our nest any less of a place of safety.


All the above factors contribute to our health and wellbeing. Izabella Natrins will be talking to us in more detail about how to Boost Your Energy at our Online Zoom meeting on Monday 1st July at

8 pm - 9:30 pm. To join us and hear all about this fascinating subject from the comfort of your own surroundings click here to book your place.

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