The Present of Presence

I didn’t realise the online world that I was falling into when I first started my own business, I thought that being strict with myself to be proactive, and organised, with a sound marketing and business plan would be all that I’d need to create success. How wrong I was, I had no idea just how much would come up for me personally as a result of leading my own business and falling into the online space.

As time went on, I realised that although I had a good forward plan and I’d completed research on the type of clients I’d like to coach and mentor, I was becoming more and more aware of personal limiting beliefs I had carried from my previous life and corporate job into my in-betweenness of retraining as a coach and setting up my first business online. And the online world of business was the perfect breeding ground for limiting beliefs!

I realised quickly back then that I needed to get visible in order for people to know who I am, what I have to offer and a clear message but getting visible was apparently bringing up my impostor syndrome (I googled it as I didn’t even know what it was back then!) I was feeling worried that my old work colleagues might see me and judge me for my new life direction, I was worrying about getting enough money into my bank account each month, I was feeling like other coaches were getting more visible than me (what if they coached the women I wanted to coach?) and I found myself getting anxious again but this time about my dream job of becoming a coach to help other women feel empowered and free! I should have it all sorted by now. Yes all of the ‘shoulds’ came forward during this time.

But I also had another voice inside me, telling me to just share with the world what comes up, that the story is really important, to trust the process of becoming and just be me! By spending time in my mindfulness practices outside in nature, I began to slowly become aware and notice which thoughts were helpful and which thoughts were very unhelpful during this time. By becoming quieter and noticing my thoughts but not resisting them, I started to realise that the thoughts created a reaction in my body, and this in-turn created a reaction in me. This reaction was causing me to either be fearful or to hide away from getting out there and being confident in my business.

How then could I listen deeper – to the voice that was supportive underneath my negative thoughts? This quieter more gentle voice that was telling me to keep going, to trust in what was happening, even if it felt incredibly uncomfortable.

As I began to listen in regularly to that voice and allowing myself to feel the discomfort, not just when I was working on my business and what I wanted to say, but deep listening throughout my day and I recognised that I personally listened best when I was walking outside in nature. For some reason, being in nature for me helped me to close off the noise in my head telling me to do more, be more, earn more and worry about all of that. Nature helped me to accept who I was back then, even on the months that I didn’t earn very much and I was only sharing my story and even coaching for free to gain more experience. I began to accept my life and everything in it.

Trust and acceptance became my focus. Trust for the voice behind my thoughts. Acceptance for what was happening right now in the present moment, each day every day, regardless of circumstances, perceived as good, or bad. Presence has taken me and my business from overwhelmed to overjoyed!

So what I love to share with you the most is how you can trust more in the part of you that knows you best. The present moment voice inside that is your complete and utter natural self. The voice that we so often put a mask on in order to ‘fit into the world’.

Building a relationship with your natural self requires only one thing. PRESENCE. The power that being in the present moment brings into your life is transformational. When you commit to becoming present in the moment, amazing things begin to occur.

What is presence and how can it help you?

Presence helps you to trust yourself and others, it brings you to a place where you are comfortable with yourself and your life just as things are, right here, right now without having to have it all worked out. People who are present and work on that presence are naturally liberated from their fears, are more absorbed in gratitude than what they lack, they are trusted, they are leaders in their own right, and they live and work in a heightened state of awareness.

If you want to powerfully lead your life and business then presence is the key. Presence is a gift that you can access at any time…

“Your purpose is to be yourself. You don’t have to run anywhere to become someone else. You are wonderful just as you are.” – Thich Nhat Hanh.

If you would like to learn more, Karen Ramsay Smith will be speaking at our Online Zoom Socially Shared session 'Connecting with Yourself' on Monday 9th September at 8 pm. Follow the link below to book your place and listen to Karen from the comfort of your own home!

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