Socially Shared Bookshop Part 2

Here at Socially Shared, we support our local community and the fabulous array of businesses on our doorstep. This includes the incredible local authors we have in our region. We shared books from seven of our local ladies on our last post, and so today we’re going to turn to the Socially Shared Bookshop once again for even more inspiration. If you haven’t already browsed the selection of books available, then pop over and take a look. There’s something to suit every reading taste.

Here is the second group of talented authors:

Jude Jennison, author of Leading Through Uncertainty. Jude Jennison is a Strategic Leadership Partner, helping executives and senior leadership teams from major brands align their strategy through behavioural change. Frequently described as courageous and inspirational, Jude is an international speaker, executive and team coach and Horse Assisted Educator.

Jules White, author of Live it, Love it, Sell it. Jules is an Entrepreneur’s Sales Coach. She helps passionate entrepreneurs get clarity on their ‘why’ and learn how to sell in an authentic human way that creates impressive results without the need for pushy sales techniques or any questionable tactics. She understands that the very idea of selling can be challenging for some, and that fear, assumptions and mindset can all get in the way. That’s why with what she teaches you, which is the art of human selling, you will realise you already possess everything you need. What you learn on the ‘Live it Love it Sell it’ sales road trip will stay with you forever and help make the sales process natural…effortless… and best of all… enjoyable!

Liz Keaney, author of Warrior Women. Liz Keaney’s life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with cancer twice within twelve months. This blessing in disguise forced her to look more closely at her life and, in doing so, she uncovered an incredible resource within us all. The discovery she now refers to as the KindnessCODE™ changed her life. This is not a book about cancer. It is a book that shares valuable insights about busy life; women striving for perfection, trying to do it all and feeling so overwhelmed that they seldom have time to nurture their body, feed their mind and connect with the truth of who they are. Her message is clear don’t wait until your body screams at you before you start noticing how you are living your life – start being kinder to yourself today. This inspirational book features true stories of modern women who display realness and vulnerability that you will easily connect with. Their stories will give you a new perspective; a sense of potentiality that will help you Step into the Magnificence of who you already are. Liz calls them Warrior Women.

Lyn Bromley and Donna Whitbrook, co-authors of Trusted: The Human Approach to Building Outstanding Client Relationships in a Digitised World. Lyn Bromley has been the Managing Director of First Impressions Training Ltd since September 2010. She is an experienced people manager, trainer and consultant. Her corporate background spans finance, training, consultancy and project management. She has worked with clients from a whole host of industries including retail, financial services, law, engineering, logistics, hospitality management, gas and oil, manufacturing and telecoms. Lyn is a past finalist for the High Growth Award for The Network of Aspiring Women, winner of the High Growth Category at Women Inspiring Women and a finalist for Network Member of the Year at the Achiever's Academy for Women. Donna Whitbrook is an experienced corporate consultant, people developer and coach.Her extensive corporate background spans finance, training, consultancy, performance improvement, governance and strategy. She has held senior positions in Banking and Finance and Board level positions in the Public and Third Sectors. Her key strengths being the turnaround of underperformance, service delivery and relationship management. She has a real belief in the work she promotes. Donna is passionate about helping businesses to transform the performance of individuals and teams enabling them to reflect the brand values of the organisation and to create outstanding customer service.

Marcia M Spence, author of Confidence Confidential. Confidence is a universal phenomenon, it affects all genders, ages and statuses, in this collaboration of perspectives, confidence and its elements; Self Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Worth and Self-Care are explored through the personal stories written by a diverse group of women and girls who are between 13 years and 70 years of age. We very rarely are honest about our levels of confidence and about what makes us more or less confident. In this book, we lift the lid on some of the challenges and successes in the journey to sustainable Self-Confidence. This book is the go-to book for inspiration and empowerment in the pursuit of that coveted feeling, action and behaviour called Confidence.

Samantha Houghton, author of The Invisible Girl: A Secret Life. A very honest and heartfelt true story of a girl's struggles with her mental health from her teenage years through to midlife. Admitted to a psychiatric unit at fifteen and continuing to suffer throughout her adult life with Bulimia, Depression, Anxiety, Obsessions and Self Harm, always struggling with her sense of self, searching for answers and the therapy that would make a big difference. Fiercely determined to overcome adversities in her life during her journey through motherhood, divorce, relationships and employment through to her passion for personal development to launching her first business. Sharing what helped her and the insights that developed throughout her life. An inspirational story full of hope, strength, tenacity and a huge desire to reach out to others in a dark place.

Sandra Garlick, author of I Am a Woman Who, and I Am a Woman Who (2019 edition). Sandra is a former solicitor, business coach and mentor, trainer, author and public speaker. She helps you to sharpen up your speaking skills and power up your personal brand. Over the last three years, Sandra has built ‘Woman Who’ into a national brand, supporting women to grow their personal profile, advance their career AND explode their business.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s a book for everyone in this super selection. Be sure to visit the Socially Shared Bookshop and click on the relevant cover image to buy your copy.

If you’ve read any of our authors’ books we’d love to hear about it. Consider leaving them a review on your favourite book platform, or share your thoughts in our Facebook Group.