When is the best time to post on Facebook?

Thursdays between 1 and 3pm.

  • Tuesdays at 8pm

  • At the weekend

  • Sunday evenings

You’ve probably read all of these times in various articles or on social media but which one do you believe? We’re constantly searching for the ‘best time to post’ on social media to ensure our posts are seen by the most number of people. In reality, there is no ‘best’ time for everyone. There will however, be a time frame that’s right for your audience and your business.

If you want to grow your social media accounts, one of the best ways is to look at your analytics and to take time to really understand them. Every social media platform has their own analytics feature, with a wealth of data and graphs which can seem overwhelming to begin with. There is also a new language and terminology to understand including reach, impressions, followers and likes. Before getting bogged down in the detail, it’s worth looking at the bigger picture and a few key analytics.

Posting on social media without looking at your analytics, is like cooking a meal without following a recipe. You can throw random ingredients into a pan and hope for the best but if you’d looked at when to add the spices, how much stock to add, what temperature to put the oven at, you will have a much better meal at the end. And creating a great social media presence is similar - avoiding posting random content whenever you feel like it but looking at what works for your audience will give you a better end result.

Here are key analytics that you should be looking at to understand your activity better:

Best content format: Look for the best performing posts. Does your audience respond better to a short video, a photo, a long storytelling post or a weblink? Are there any patterns that you can see?

Best content theme: Do your audience respond better when you post about a particular topic? Would you be better focusing more posts about one topic and less on another? Do your audience like to share a particular topic?

Best messaging: How does your audience respond to a call to action? Are you posting too many sales and promotional posts? Are you using the right tone and style of language to reflect your business and audience?

Best days/times: Look back over your posts in the last month. Are there posts at a particular time of day that always gain a higher reach? When are your audience online?

Audience: Are your posts reaching the people you expected? Is this your target audience? Do a particular demographic engage more than another group? Are your audience from the right location?

Follower numbers: What growth of follower numbers have you achieved in the last month? How did this vary to last month and six months ago? Compare your follower growth to your competitors. Can you decipher if your follower numbers suddenly went up, why did this happen? Did an influencer share your content?

But what do you do with this knowledge and information? Back to our cooking analogy, once we know what works from previous cooking disasters and successes, we adapt our recipe for next time. And the same applies to your social media, reflect on the information, what can you amend, do more of and maybe do less of and create your social media for the month ahead. And repeat every month as your account grows, your audience evolves and your businesses develops, you will keep responding to this changing need.

Setting time aside every week to look at these key analytics will give you valuable insight into your social media activity. Maintaining an active social media account takes time and energy so make sure you use it wisely!

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