Can you do The Lindbergh Walk?

Well, we are now well into the shutdown, our income has died, and cash flow has become priority number one.

What I do in these circumstances is the Lindbergh Walk.

To explain on May 21, 1927, Charles Lindbergh landed his plane The Spirit of St. Louis near Paris, thereby completing the first ever solo airplane flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

As he prepared to make this historic flight from New York to Paris, he had to make the same decisions as if he were running a business, he had to choose between those things that he felt he needed and those things that everybody else told him he needed and would make the trip more comfortable.

To help him decide he put everything he had planned to take into two areas:

1. Those that would make his journey more comfortable. 2. Those that would increase his chances of reaching his target, Paris.

Whenever he was faced with a decision of this type, he always chose the solution that would increase his chances of reaching Paris.

This is what I call The Lindbergh Walk. I do this regularly, I split your expenses between those that are Comfort Expenses and those that increase the chances reaching your target.

The aim of the Lindbergh Walk is to reduce your Comfort Expenses, by reducing these expenses you benefit your cash flow, that’s Think Cash!

©Anita Dalton

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