Are you struggling to cope with the current situation and dreading Christmas even more now?

That is where self-care can help.

Self-care is the act of recognising your physical, mental or emotional needs and doing what is necessary to restore your well-being. Without regular self-care, you will find yourself more vulnerable to illnesses and quickly succumbing to stress, anxiety and depression.

Life now is not normal and brings lots of pressures, especially coming up to Christmas, during the festive season and beyond.

Lockdown has undoubtedly been a game-changer for me. I looked at in a positive way that I have completely turned my life around but first came the anxiety. I am not going to beat around the bush here, I was petrified and wanted to lock myself away for at least 12 months. I wanted to stay in bed and forget what was going on outside.

I eventually turned it into a positive.

What did I do?

I practised self-care. I made lists of what I wanted to get done. I started looking after myself. I went out for daily walks and listened to my favourite music, whilst relaxing with a scented candle lit.

Now we are back in lockdown and Christmas is not far off. There’s the constant media coverage, ‘will we have a Christmas this year?’ which can affect us mentally.

So, a few of my top tips for coping with the run-up to Christmas.

  • Spend an evening doing nothing

  • Listen to music for at least 30 minutes

  • Have a cosy date at home with candles, comfort food and a glass of wine

  • Spend at least an hour outside and go for a long walk

  • Stay off social media and news for the day

  • Meditate regularly

Self-care is not just for Christmas; it is for life!

I can handle so much more now that I have found a positive from these lockdowns.

Want to find out more? Join me on December 10th via Zoom for my Self-Care at Christmas talk.

While the festive season can be a fun and happy time for many, it can also be a particularly busy and stressful time for others. Join Socially Shared member Karen Cox of Just the Tonic Beauty & Wellbeing for this session all about 'Self-Care at Christmas' and hear her top tips for looking after your body and mind in the lead up to, during and after the Christmas period.

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