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IT is annoying and often harder than it should be to achieve apparently simple things. We all have IT niggles and many of them stop you getting on with the job in hand. IT can be something as basic as sorting the page margins on a report or wondering how to scale your IT systems for extra staff as you grow. Either way, help is at hand to identify required actions and then help to implement them. You can tackle IT issues in one of three ways 1. Learn how to solve it yourself 2. Pay someone to sort it out 3. Ignore the problem, it might go away Deciding which way to go is a great start. I’ll help you with that. I’ll never try to teach you something you’ll never need again and never do for you something you could do yourself with a bit of training (if you want that of course). There are even times when an IT solution isn’t the best way to go. Sometimes a notebook IS the answer. (Don’t tell the computer gods)


Address: 18 Stoneleigh Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2GD


Telephone: 07798 682219


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