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Hi I’m Sarah Gray, I’m a Style Confidence Coach. I help professional women uncover their personal unique style and find their style confidence so they can banish outfit overwhelm, look great and feel fabulous every single day.


I want everyone who comes into contact with my business to know that there is no perfect body and that they don’t have to change anything about their physical appearance or personality to uncover their own unique style and find their style confidence…they can just be themselves.


There are no fads, fluff or gimmicks just simple, effective style tools and services to help you become style confident.



Imagine this…


  • You open your wardrobe and know exactly what to wear and how to wear it.


  • You know your style, how to shop and how pick outfits that are right for you.


  • Everything in your wardrobe fits and flatters and makes you look and feel great


  • You have multiple outfit options and a simple system in place that allows you to choose an outfit for every occasion – work, weekends, an evening out or even an evening in!


  • You finally love your look and are excited every day to present your best self to the world.


  • You feel happy, confident and empowered with your new found style and look



The best bit…you can have all of these things not someday but now!



So if you’re a professional woman looking to uncover your own unique style and find your timeless style confidence, Sarah Gray Styling is for you.



Telephone: 07881826528


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