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The Freeman Speech Practice Limited

Speech Therapist


I’m Ruth, an Independent Speech and Language Therapist and I support stroke
survivors to communicate with confidence. A stroke is a life changing
experience. It happens overnight but the impact can be long lasting not just for
the stroke survivor themselves but for family, friends and colleagues.

Imagine if this happened to you or a loved one. You woke up tomorrow
morning in a hospital bed unable to speak. How might you feel and how would
this impact your day to day life? Communication difficulties following a stroke
can affect so many daily activities including telling your family you love them,
telephoning a friend for a chat, reading your post, writing your shopping list,
completing your online banking, ordering a coffee in a café to name but a few.
Communication challenges can lead to feelings of frustration, distress, anger,
fear and sadness. It can also lead to social isolation, depression and anxiety as
well as people describing that they just feel “lost”.

I am here to help, to explain, and to support you and your family. I work with
people at varying stages following their stroke from the first few days to many
years down the line. I have worked with hundreds of stroke survivors to realise
transformations by helping them to rediscover their voice, to reconnect with
key people in their life, and, achieving improvements that are important to
them. This has included being able to speak to family members on the
telephone, to chair meetings at the local golf club, as well as to return to work.

I offer visits within your own home where I take time to understand you, your
life, and your current challenges. This enables me to develop a bespoke
support package for you to aid your recovery. I am also able to offer sessions
online via a video platform where this is appropriate.

If you think I might be able to help you or someone you know please just give
me a call as it is important to know that we are the right fit to work together. I
am always happy to talk and listen!

Address: Solihull, United Kingdom


Telephone: 0121 289 3839


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