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Socially Shared Member Clair MacKenzie

Weight Loss, Health and Mindset Coach


I help working Mums lose weight and take care of their health and mindset, showing them how to show up as the best version of themselves in all areas of their life.

For years I was run ragged, over-weight, and low on energy. I couldn’t see how I could take care of myself, because there was just no time left after I gave everything to my work and family.


Then I discovered the power of coaching and realised I had it all wrong. I made some fundamental changes that improved my life and I became compelled to help other working Mums do the same.


If you are a working Mum that is doing everything, apart from taking care of your own physical and mental health then I can help you. I can help you lose weight, be healthy, and still get more done at work and in support of your family.


I offer a 6-week life coaching package (this can be on any problem - any area of your life) or a 12- week weight loss program. The weight loss program is 12 weeks because I have so much to teach you and want to give you plenty of opportunity to practice the tools. Only 10% of what I teach is related to food, because let's face it...I'm guessing you know what to eat to lose just can't do it, because there's something stopping you. That something is your brain and I will show you how to take control of it, and make it work for you and not against you.

Address: Based in Warwickshire


Telephone: 07823 332410


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